unlimited combo breakfast cereal

As so often happens at work, the talk yesterday turned to food. I don't know if that is because our lab is mostly women or because we just like to eat. I do know there are a lot of good recipes that are shared. This was my contribution. I eat this almost every day.
                                      Unlimited Combo Breakfast Cereal

Combine: 2c raw sunflower seeds
                2c raw pumpkin seeds
                1c raw pine nuts
                3/4c chopped nuts - your choice. I am currently using raw almonds and raw cashews.

To eat:      3T above mix
                 2T flax seeds
                 3T oat bran
                 1/4c Grape Nuts - could use All Bran
                 1/4c Kashi cereal of your choice. Could also use Ezekial cereal
                 Sweetener to taste - I use sugar or honey or agave nectar
                 May add any fresh or dried fruit

Serve Hot or Cold

Note - I have never tried to figure out the calorie count not fat content.

Another favorite anytime meal is
                                                 My Breakfast Omlet

Saute:  1/4c sliced mushrooms - your favorite kind
           1/4c red bell pepper
           1/4c shredded or sliced zuchinni
Set aside.

Saute in same pan: 1/2c spinach, chard leaves or black kale leaves. A bit more oil may be needed. Saute
          2-3 minutes. Add 2T water, cover pan and allow to steam 3-4 minutes. Set aside.

Prepare 2-3 eggs. Beat well to incorporate lots of air. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cook eggs. Flip when well set on bottom. Add sauteed vegetables and  1 slice smoked mozzarella cheese.

Top with fresh basil or a few leaves of fresh oregano.

     I am fortunate to have a local farmer who raises chickens for eggs to sell. Farm fresh eggs come in all sizes, so when I buy a dozen eggs, there will be jumbo, large, medium, small and even pullet size. They come in shades of brown to almost white and blue.  And it is so nice to know who raises them and that they were just collected that morning. And my farmer has a chicken yard, so the birds are able to roam about. Yes - rooster is on site! In the evening the birds are kept in the hen house to keep them out of harms way - away from owls, foxes and etc.

     As I write this, I am reminded of my Grandparents farm. I loved to spend time there. Grandma had chickens, so I was able to help gather eggs. This was not always a welcomed chore as some chickens liked to peck as you reached under them to get the eggs. Most were OK, as I recall. Grandma also raised chicks and they were kept in a separate brooder house. It was a low ceiling building shaped like a quonset hut. The brooder was kept quite warm for the chicks and was incredibly noisy from all the cheeping. But the chicks were sooo cute.  And the owls and foxes mentioned above? I remember a hawk getting a chicken once and hearing stories of Grandpa rushing out to the hen house, shotgun in hand when a ruckus was raised because of a fox in the hen house. Needless to say, an inspection of the house was needed to find out where the fox got in.

Anyone else have experience with raising chickens? My town does not allow fowl raising in town, though I wish they would.