Mexican Eats and Old Memories

     What a beautiful fall day with warm temps and lots of sun. Many neighbors were finishing raking leaves and some also were burning them. My town offers city wide leaf vacuuming so residents do not need to burn.
     I would offer a better solution - shred and compost them!I am a huge proponent of growing your own food. And the first rule: take care of the soil. The best way is to compost all yard and food waste and grow green manure and cover crops.There is lots of info out there on gardening for those who are interested. And, over the winter, as I start planting my seeds, I will be adding posts on gardening. I hope to show how and where our supermarket food could come from, if raised locally - say in our backyard. A few days ago I started some micro greens and had hoped to have pics to post by now of sprouted seeds. Unfortunately, the gray cat of title fame had other ideas. He chose to dig in the pots. Soo, after Thanksgiving I will replant.

Toulouse, aka gray cat in the garden. He really does think he owns the entire house. But, once again, the 5#, 17 year old  cat had him on the run  today.         Actually,  she had him cornered and on his back as she terrorized him.                                                                                                                                            

    Today was not a day for cooking. Instead my youngest son and I had lunch at out local Mexican restaurant. I tried their drink "Horchata", which they describe as ice water with rice and sugar. It was very   sweet and had a very different flavor. It really was not bad, though for me a little would go a long way.         
I think there was a new cook on duty today. I got their dish Polla Sinoala, a dish of grilled chicken with         zucchini,  red and green peppers with rice, beans and tortillas. It is a dish I have enjoyed for the flavor of the  meat and the vegetables were always just a bit beyond crisp-tender. Unfortunately, today it seemed the         chicken was not grilled with the usual flavors. It was not the golden color it always had been. It was more the  color, texture and flavor of unseasoned microwaved chicken. Unappealing visually and in taste. The peppers   were OK, but the zucchini were mushy and not to my taste at all. I should have sent it back, but a table of 10 had given their orders as we were getting our food - and that was just in our back area of the dining room. I just   did not want the delay. The beans and rice and peppers did a pretty good job of disguising the chicken. I simply did not eat the zucchini. I think it will be awhile before going back. But, I guess I really did                 the  restaurant management no good service by not telling them of the below average quality of the meal. If      too many people are dissatisfied, say nothing yet do not come back, they are unable to take action to correct the  problems and keep customers.                                                                                                              

     My son, the pilot, arrived home for the Thanksgiving Holidays this afternoon. When you don't get to see your kids very often it is easy to forget how tall they are. I am only 5'5". My 2 oldest sons are 6'4" and         6'41/2". They live away from here, so I do not stand next to them often any more. sigh. Yet they are              wonderful young men. My youngest is also wonderful, but only 5'11" and he lives in my town. I get to see him at least once a week. yeah!. They will all be here for Thanksgiving Day. While they are here, there will be      noise and laughing and teasing, and it will be great. While the pilot is home, there will be lots of his friends in 
and out.                                                                                                                                                       
       When the boys were little, this was the house where all the friends congregated. Often there would be 6 or 8 boys here. I did lots of baking then. I kept cookies and ice cream treats on hand always. Since our        basement has a large family room in it, that is where they spent their time. They often played "Golden Eye", or "Mario Kart", or any number of other nintendo games. They even took the legs off an old couch and put it up on concrete blocks so they could have stadium seating. That way, more kids could get a good view of the TV in less space! We still have the old games and gaming systems - maybe future grandkids will be interested in  the old toys of their parents! lol!     Thanks for the memories!