Fresh Peppers, tomatoes and basil, oh my!

     What a beautiful day these past few days have been! Sunny, warm and NO rain are very welcome after October brought 12+ inches of rain. My yard has not yet experienced a frost this fall, though outside of town they've been hit.
     Peppers are still ripening in the garden and I picked the last 8 tomatoes yesterday. While they don't taste like summer tomatoes, they were still juicy and were a nice addition to our meal. I still have 4 cherry tomatoes and some fresh basil to use up and  I think they will be served on a slice of crusty french bread smeared with roasted garlic and topped with fresh mozzarella. This has become one of my favorite meals of summer since I first came across the suggestion for it years ago.
     Tomorrow,  I think I will pick most of my fresh sage and oregano for drying. I have learned that the fresh herbs taste very little like their dried counterparts. They add a - well, a freshness - that store-bought dried herbs are missing. 
     I must also get my mini-hoop house up to cover my lettuce, chard, kale and beets. Hopefully we won't get a hard freeze anytime soon . I always like to see how late into fall I can harvest fresh greens. My carrots are too small to harvest, but will overwinter and I can dig them next spring. They will be kept under mulch and have done well for me in the past.
     I'll try to get some pics of garden posted tomorrow eve - I must work a long shift tomorrow, so we'll see.