turkey seasonings

     Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have lots to do - cleaning and cooking and wash. The boys will all be here, and my oldest son is bringing a friend from Ivory Coast, Africa along. It will be an interesting day, I'm sure. Of course the young man will be peppered with questions about his homeland. And I will have to ask about the food! Such an opportunity is not to be missed. I do hope he isn't allergic to cats!!!
     We will be having turkey, of course, and I am thinking of trying a different way of preparing it. I will season it (a turkey breast only) under the skin, brown it well in a cast iron pan, then finish cooking in a large crock pot. I have heard this will work, so I'm hoping... Seasoning ideas I have gathered include )Cajun : onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, basil, thyme, and red pepper, black pepper and salt to taste.  ) something a bit more Mediterranean in taste, I guess, as the recipe is similar to the Cajun but uses less garlic and has a bit of toremary added  )for a taste of the islands: a turkey brined with brown sugar, salt, rum, liquid smoke, onion, ginger, thyme, chiles, allspice berries, whole cloves, whole nutmeg, pepper and then roasted,  )a supposedly Cuban marinade of garlic cloves, salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, butter, sour orange juice- substitute lime juice) placed under skin and marinated 24 hours and then grilled  ) a smoked turkey seasoned with garlic salt, paprika, pepper and for the liquid added to the drip pan: chicken stock, vermouth, soy sauce.
This liquid with the collected turkey drippings are then thickened with cornstarch and Madeira. ) a cider glazed turkey roasted with apples onions and herbs. Glaze is unfiltered cider, sugar and butter. There is a gravy made with drippings, butter and wine.
     I am inclined to try the smoked turkey, nut I don't think I'll have time to watch it. It supposedly can be smoked in the house (!) if you own a pan that can  be "tented". Since it is going to be quite cold tomorrow, I don't think I want to experiment with anything that may necessitate opening windows to let stray smoke escape. And, I don't have the alcohols needed.  I think, then, that I will season my turkey with garlic, onion powder, chiles, salt, and apples. I will bake the turkey in the oven in a "turkey bag", but glaze it with the cider glaze under a higher heat to brown and crisp the skin and make a grave with the drippings. I'll let you know how it works.
    I would enjoy hearing how others have prepared their meals.

    Hope everyone has a very enjoyable day. And even if you must work, that your time off will include great times and great food.