Kim Chee, Cookies, Girl Scouts, sweet rolls and Alison Krauss

     At this moment I am listening to a DVD a co-worker burned for me of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, a special from several years ago. I'm not getting much writing done! Surprising how well their voices work together. I would not have expected it.

     Earlier this evening, my neighbors' son and grand-daughter brought by the Girl Scout cookies I ordered from them. My kids LOVE the thin mints - there are now 2 boxes per son  here (they'll last, maybe 2 days!!).

     Last evening I met my cousin and aunt and mom at a local restaurant called Red Apple. It is a family place and the food is OK. Best part is 24 hour breakfast. The scrambled eggs were creamy and hot, pancake tender. My cousin had a stuffed pork chop that was tender and stuffed with dressing. Served with a potato and THEIR choice of vegetable, no salad. I don't know if that was because it was a "special" or if they are cutting back to eliminate waste. I think they raised their prices as 2 eggs were $2.99. Eggs did not include toast, which I would not have wanted anyway, but I thought it strange that some sort of bread was not included.  Maybe it's the result of the economy?. Has anyone else noticed restaurants and diners cutting back? I don't eat out that often, so maybe I'm just out of touch.

     This weekend I am hoping to try my hand at making KimChee. I have several recipes, but I finally found one from a Korean grandmother that I will try. Should be interesting. I'll post recipe and pictures in a few days.

     Now I need to get my sweet rolls out of the oven. I cheated and used purchased frozen rolls for them. Butter, brown sugar and pecans go on bottom of pan, thawed rolls on top. Let rise till double in size and bake about 15-20 minutes. Turn out of pan and let topping run down rolls. While these are not as good as ho-made, they do in a pinch. Best eaten fresh and not re-heated.

     More later.