Pickapeppa Sauce, Shrimp and Mango Salsa

     I found a recipe in the 11/12 09 issue of Cooking with Paula Deen that I have been wanting to try. The holdup? No Pickapeppa Sauce. I tried looking for a Pickapeppa recipe  to no avail. It is a  product from Jamaica. Ingredients include tomato, peppers, onions,  sugar,cane vinegar, mango, raisins,and spices. It is not hot, like a hot sauce would be. It is sweet. And a taste unlike anything I have tried before. I have only used it in the following recipe, so I can't tell you how it would be as another sauce ingredient or by itself.
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My thanks to Michael Watz from Evanston, Il for sharing this recipe in Paula's magazine. Italics are my additions.

                                   Biloxi Spiced Shrimp W/ Pickapeppa Sauce and Mango Mojito Salsa

Serves 4  This is a long recipe with lots of ingredients, but once prep work is done, it goes together quickly. Is it basically a shrimp salad.

 Marinate Shrimp for 30 minutes in:
1/2c Worcestershire sauce
2T oil
12 jumbo shrimp. peeled and deveined--- I used shrimp my friend brought back from South Carolina. They are medium shrimp, so I prepared more. See blog dated 12-20-09 for prep of shrimp
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 Spice Mixture for Shrimp
(makes 2/3 cup)
1/4c chili powder -- I used Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning instead of plain chili powder
1/4c sugar
2T salt
1T ground cumin
11/2 tsp Spanish paprika -- I used smoked paprika
1tsp curry powder
1tsp unsweetened cocoa powder -- YES. you won't really taste it. Think mole' sauce.
1/8 tsp ground cinnamon

Combine all ingredients and set aside. Makes enough for a second recipe.

 For the salad

4C mesclun greens -- a variety of greens, not just iceberg lettuce really is preferred
1/4c balsamic vinegar --please use a good vinegar.

Toss together.

 Mango Mojito Salsa
Makes about 3c
2c peeled Mango, pitted and diced
1/4c Red or Green bell pepper -- red pepper is sweeter than green, I only had green to use
1/2c finely chopped onion, red preferred for color
2T olive oil -- I omitted this
11/2T fresh mint, minced -- winter in Illinois does not usually include fresh mint. I used 1tsp dried
1T fresh lime juice -- please do not substitute lemon juice
1T seasoned rice vinegar -- found in health food or asian grocery store
2tsp dark rum -- I don't like rum, so I omitted this
11/2tsp fresh cilantro, minced
1tsp fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped
1/2tsp fresh garlic, minced
1/2tsp Serrano chili, seeded and minced -- I used what I had on hand, Aji Cristal. I think any mildly hot pepper would substitute
1/2tsp honey

In small bowl, combine all ingredients. Allow to stand at least 30 minutes. Stir gently before serving.
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 Pickapeppa Cream
1 7oz can chipotle peppers in adobo sauce -- I forgot this and the cream suffered for it. Only 1tsp will be used for recipe, so lots will be left over. Cut down amount used if a milder sauce is preferred.
2c Sour Cream
1/2tsp grated lime zest
2T fresh lime juice -- don't substitute lemon juice.
2tsp Pickapeppa Sauce
1tsp salt

Place chipotles in blender and puree. Place 1tsp puree in a bowl, reserving remainder for another use.
Stir in remaining ingredients. Cover and chill. 


Remove shrimp from marinade and blot excess marinade on paper towels.

Lightly coat shrimp with seasoning mix.

Heat 1/4c oil in non-stick skillet over medium heat. Cook shrimp in batches, for about 2 minutes. If using fresh caught shrimp, they are done when they turn slightly pink and begin to curl.  Keep warm while remainder cook.

Toss mesclun once more and divide onto 4 plates. Top with Mango Mojito Salsa and Shrimp. Drizzle with Pickapeppa Cream. Serve immediately.  Enjoy.
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     As you know, my family went skiing for a few days. My youngest did not go along, which really hurt. Still, it was great to be with my other sons and my daughter-in-law. Two friends of my middle son came up also. The evening before we were to leave for home, a winter storm started. By Thursday, 8 inches of new snow had fallen, wind was gusting to 50mph, temperature was below zero, and it was still snowing. Roads were icy and snow covered a good portion of the way home.
     Skiing was good. We were at Chestnut Mt in Galena, Ill and Snowstar in Dubuque, Ia. I've posted a few pictures to share with you.
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