Korean Ideas - banchan and ssam jang

     I had a bit of time at work tonight to look up some information about Korean food. This came about from the latest Saveur magazine. It is their "Saveur 100" issue - recipes, restaurants and gadgets. Included is a reference to a Korean condiment called Ssam Jang and a recipe for it. In "googling" this name, I found several recipes. It seems this is very much like catsup in that there are many different tastes , textures and consistency. In that issue, there was also a reference to Korean"banchan", or side dishes. Naturally, I could not pass up this opportunity to research recipes fitting these categories.  I found several promising dished to try. And while I have no recipes to share tonight, I'll leave you with this promise - this week I'll be preparing several banchan with an additional side of ssam jang and I'll keep you posted with the results.
     Please share your recipes for your favorite Korean dishes, the more the merrier. We can all learn together and share our cooking adventures.

     As a side note, the temp was below zero this morning and at noon was a whopping 9 degrees, But it was sunny - beautiful.When  I checked my solar heater, the air was warm. Air coming out of heater got up to 70 degrees !- a 60 degree air temp increase. I am soooo pleased. We still need to figure out how to automate this setup, since at present, someone must be here to open the system to the house and close it. I have no picture of this to share, I'll try to get one for the next post.
     Hope you enjoy a couple more photos from our ski trip.