New Year Resolutions

     Here it is 12.31.09 9:30pm. I am on call tonight, and will probably just stay home. While many friends will be gathering for the entry of the new year, it is kind of nice to just be solitary and quiet. A time for reflection.
This past year was not extra special, nor extra sad. Just an uneventful period of time. And that is not bad - uneventful is just fine with me. The year before my dad passed away, so that year was difficult, both as an adjustment for my mom and because I relied on my dad's advice. For a man with only an 8th grade education, he went on to be a successful business man. He could fix just about anything. And when I had trouble understanding physics, he could explain it to me. Maybe not with formulas, but by using practical and everyday examples. And his instinct for business was very admirable. I'm afraid I did not inherit that instinct!!
     So instead of bemoaning my solitary status tonight, I thought I'd look to what I'd like to accomplish for this blog in 2010. 1) I think the biggest item on my list is to learn more about photography ( should be an obvious goal, right?). 2) And to learn more about HTML, etc. What may be second nature to the younger set, we "older" ones haven't necessarily learned. Not because we weren't taught, but because we thought we'd never make use of the things available on a computer. Oh, I have used a computer for years, but never had need to make a powerpoint presentation, use excel spreadsheets, etc until recently. Now that I would like to use this info, I have to go back and bone up on it.
     The rest of my resolutions would be the usual - eat right, live right, spend as much time with family as possible, be less stressed, exercise.....Ho Hum.
      Maybe I will try to make one small change each day or week. I tend to be a procrastinator when it comes to making lifestyle changes. That usually means I like to add too many deserts and breads to my table... and partake of them. Along with that is a nasty aversion to sweat. I have to push myself to get past the sweat thing, then I don't mind it. It becomes more about the accomplishment than the sweating. And along with THAT is a sense of accomplishment. I guess that means I should focus on the goal and not the inconveniences required to get there. I'll work on that, too.
     I hope all of my readers and friends have a very happy and prosperous 2010. Look for the good and you will find it. Take time to enjoy family and friends and life. Too quickly time passes. Memories are forever, let's make many good ones.