High Cholesterol Blues

       Been away for awhile because I've had some things to think over - like my health.    OK, so my lipid panel looks not so good. Cholesterol is high and lipids are high. So I need to be more careful of my diet and loose some weight. I already know I can loose quite a bit with just some "minor" life style adjustments. Still, it's just the idea of it all. I guess I'll start this new life-phase tomorrow. (Sound really excited, don't I? Can't be good for long term success, but then, that's probably why cholesterol and triglycerides and weight are still too high - I've never stuck to a healthy eating style) And what will I do? EXERCISE mostly. Nothing great, some strength exercises and lots more walking. Eating? Cut way back on sweets and breads, milk and starches. Otherwise I do not intend to change much - except salt, that needs a good cut. More salads and "raw" foods are in order.
     Instead of sweets before I turn in at night, I will limit myself to an occasional one - which means no more baking unless the boys are home. I think I will substitute a hard candy and see how that goes. And I need to drink more water....eight glasses a day, you know ( I'm lucky to get 2 in).
     Encouragement, please - and hopefully, I can encourage you!!